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Our standard courses for kids and teenagers provide our younger learners with the opportunity to learn French through stimulating programs.
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2019-20 Fall: French for Teens 101 Saturday

Product Code: 2019.20.n1.T101sa 2019-20

Age Group Teens
Type General
Session 2019-20 - Fall
Pace Standard
Level T101 (beginners)
Schedules 14 Sep 2019 to 16 Nov 2019
  • Saturday - 1:00pm to 3:00pm at AFM (Contact)
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​In this course, students will discover the French language and culture and practise their communication skills through a range of stimulating activities. Common Grammar difficulties will be highlighted. Throughout the year, students will use  the book and exercise book Adomania 1 and learn how to: 

- Introduce themselves,  
- Ask basic questions,  
- Talk about likes and dislikes,
-  Describe someone's appearance (physical appearance), 
-  Talk about sports, family and friends,  
- Talk about future holidays (futur proche)...

Please note this information is provided as a reference.
The course content may be modified at the discretion of the teacher, depending on the learning pace and the level of the class.

Required Course Material
$49.00 CAD
Adomania 1

Jeu de livre de l'élève et cahier Adomania 1.

$246.00 CAD
Approx $184.71 USD
Early-Bird: French for Teens: $34.00 off
Normally: $280.00