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Our general courses provide the best means of developing the student’s skills in French in the four core areas: speaking, reading comprehension, writing and listening. These courses also offer the opportunity to learn French grammar, sentence building and vocabulary in a 100 % French relaxed and friendly and relaxed environment! 

Intensity: 2.5 to 3 hours / class (depending on number of participants), once/week
Duration: 9 weeks
Price: $320
Level : All levels. From beginners (A1) to Advanced (B2) 
Material required : Cosmoplite textbook and exercise book.

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2021-22 Winter 2: B101 Thursday

Product Code: 2021.22.n3.b101th 2021-22

Age Group Adult
Type Regular
Session 2021-22 - Winter 2
Pace Standard 9-week
Level B101
Schedules 10 Feb 2022 to 07 Apr 2022
  • Thursday   5:30pm ▸ 8:30pm
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A la fin du niveau B101, vous serez capable de :

  • Imaginer un passé différent
  • Exprimer un regret
  • Comprendre un manifeste, inciter à agir
  • Prendre position, exprimer une opinion
  • Comprendre l’historique d’un évènement
  • Demander le prêt d’un objet
  • Comprendre des arguments
  • Exprimer son indignation, faire un reproche
Required Course Material
$60.00 CAD
Cosmopolite 2

Cosmopolite is a modern and innovative French language method for adults. With a textbook and an exercise book for homework, it presents a very structured, practical and comprehensive approach.

Cosmopolite 2 is used for levels A203  to B102

$290.00 CAD
Approx $232.00 USD
Early-bird: General courses: $40 off
Normally: $330