Blues blanc Rouge

Vive la France... et la fête!

Blues, Blanc, Rouge is Alliance Française’s annual celebration of Bastille Day. This free public event includes live music, as well as artisanal cheese, waffles and wine tastings. It brings life, culture and entertainment to the gardens surrounding Saint-Boniface’s old city hall.

Next Blues Blanc Rouge: Friday 13 July 2018

Bastille Day is celebrated by French communities around the world on July 14. In France, it is an opportunity to gather and celebrate in "bals populaires", dance parties that often happen in firehouses open for the occasion. In cities like Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, New York, Sydney and London, thousands of people gather every year to mark this day. It is now Winnipeg’s turn to follow their footsteps and give Manitoba’s diverse francophone community another reason to be proud.

This event gives Francophones and Anglophones an opportunity to reunite and celebrate Bastille Day in an original and cultural environment.

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