certify your french skills
with  the TCF

The TCF (Test de Connaissance du Français) exam, like the TEF, is a single test for all levels. The candidate receives an international certificate corresponding to his or her exact level in the 6 level-range of the Common European Framework of Reference of Languages (CEFRL).

This exam is comprehensive placement test for non-native French speakers seeking a quick and precise evaluation of their general language skills. It is valid for a limited period of time.

For more information about the TCF DAP, the TCF ANF, or the TCF Québec, see the CIEP website.

For exam dates, please contact us.

Download the registration form here.

For more information, please contact us by e-mail ((pedagogie@afmanitoba.ca) or phone (204-477-1515 ).

TCF fees:

TCF DAP  $240
TCF ANF  $190

TCF Québec - any 4 options :

Oral Comprehension  $60
Written Comprehension  $80
Written Expression  $150
Oral Expression  $140

TCF DAP : TCF Demande d’Admission Préalable (for university entry in France)
TCF ANF : TCF Accès à la Nationalité Française (for French citizenship)
TCF Québec (for immigration to Québec)

Note that it is the sole responsibility of the candidate to ensure that he/she is registered for the appropriate exam. The Alliance Française du Manitoba and its employees cannot be held responsible for the choices made by the candidate.

See also our terms and conditions.