comic contest

We are pleased to announce the winners of our Comic Contest in collaboration with the Alliance Française network in Canada! Participants were invited to prepare a short comic, in French, on the following theme: “While human beings are confined, animals take power on earth…”  

Participants were divided into three age categories: children (7-12 years old), teens (13-17 years old) and adults. Teenagers and adults could use the app « BDnf – la fabrique à BD », if they want to. A special thank you to everyone who participated! 

Three comics were selected for each Alliance Française in Canada. The best comics were chosen by a jury of French comic book artists, authors and illustrators.  

Our winners :
1) Child category : Amalia De Lazzer
2) Teenager category : Alexis Jahne
3) Adult category : Rosa Seo

           Child category                                                               Teenager category                                                                                         Adult category  

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