The CINÉ/FEEL movie nights are back at the Alliance Française du Manitoba.
Everyone is welcome, all our movies will be subtitled in English so that all, Francophones and Francophiles, are able to enjoy, whatever your level in French is! 

There might even be popcorn...

Friday June 8th 7pm | FREE Ciné/FEEL presents Patients (2017) by Grand Corps Malade & Mehdi Idir

"Patients" is the story of a rebirth, a chaotic journey of victories and defeats, tears and bursts of laughter, but above all encounters: we do not heal alone. "Patients" is one of these movies that will change your life and transport you far far away. It would be a mistake to not give a chance to an experience like that. The story is touching and beautiful, the tone is rough but funny as well. Acting is simply amazing and incredibly natural.

19h | FREE Ciné/FEEL presents Nocturama by Bertrand Bonnello ("Saint Laurent," "House of Tolerance")
With Finnegan Oldfield, Vincent Rottiers, Hamza Mezian

Morning in Paris. A group of disillusioned young people each play their part in a strange game weaving through the metro and streets of the capital. They have a dangerous plan and act on it with precision. Their work is done. The night begins.

December 15 | 7pm | Free
Join us for a movie screening of In Bed with Victoria, a film about a lawyer in a sticky situation. Presented in French with English Subtitles.

Friday, November 17 at 7pm@ Alliance Française du Manitoba - Free
GOOD LUCK ALGERIA  film by Farid Bentoumi
with Sami Bouajila, Franck Gastambide, Chiara Mastroianni

Sam and Stephane are two friends and associates working together in their workshop designing hand-crafted high-quality skis. To promote their skis, their business being put in jeopardy by the competition from the larger brands, they take a crazy gamble and decide to qualify Sam for the Winter Games in cross-country skiing under the flag of his father's country, Algeria..

Friday, September 15 at 7pm@ Alliance Française du Manitoba - Free
L'EFFET AQUATIQUE // THE TOGETHER PROJECT is Sólveig Anspach last movie. She was an Icelandic-French film director and screenwriter. Born to an American father and an Icelandic mother, Anspach spent most of her life living and working in France. Anspach died after a long battle with breast cancer on 7 August 2015 at the age of 54

Samir, a lanky forty-year-old crane operator in Montreuil, on the outskirts of Paris, falls madly in love with Agathe. As she is a swimming coach at the local pool, he decides to take lessons with her, even though he is a perfect swimmer. Screened in French with English subtitles.

Friday, June 16 at 7pm @ Alliance Française du Manitoba - Free
What about spending some time in Versailles with the movie Ridicule by Patrice Leconte? This dramatic comedy will immerse you in the world of French nobility in the 18th century, while young Ponceludon de Malavoy is getting used to its rules and etiquette… With Charles Berling, Jean Rochefort, Fanny Ardant, Judith Godrèche... Screened in French with English subtitles.

Friday, May 12 from 7-9pm @ Alliance Française du Manitoba - Free
This Ciné/Feel will present a selection of 11 short movies for a "come and go as you please" evening! Rhythm and variety will definitely keep you interested, with a diversity of genres with comedies, dramas and even legends, and a diversity of length, from 1 to 30min! Many of the short-films presented have been awarded and ensure you of an exciting evening of cinema!

Wednesday, April 19 at 7pm @ Alliance Française du Manitoba - Free
In the context of Canadian Film Day 150 organised by Reel Canada, Alliance Française du Manitoba presents Gabrielle, a Quebec movie directed by Louise Archambault released in 2013. The movie is following Gabrielle, a 22 years old with Williams syndrom. She is falling in love with Martin, whose mom doesn't approve the relationship. Gabrielle confronts other people's prejudice and fights her own limitations. All participants will enter a draw and get a chance to win door prizes!

Friday, February 17th 7 PM
Alliance Française du Manitoba, 934 Corydon Avenue

All About Actresses (Le Bal des Actrices), by Maïwenn

All About Actresses (French: Le Bal des actrices), also known as The Actress' Ball, is a 2009 French mockumentary film directed by Maïwenn. The title is a reference to the film directed by Roman Polanski, The Fearless Vampire Killers (Le Bal des vampires).

While shooting a documentary about all kinds of actresses, the director falls for one of them.


Friday, January 20th 7 PM
Alliance Française du Manitoba, 934 Corydon Avenue

Life of Riley (Aimer, Boire et Chanter), by Alain Resnais.

Life of Riley is a 2014 French film by Alain Resnais.

Life of Riley (French: Aimer, boire et chanter) is a 2014 French comedy-drama film directed by Alain Resnais in his final feature film before his death. Adapted from the play Life of Riley by Alan Ayckbourn, the film had its premiere in the competition section of the 64th Berlin International Film Festival, just three weeks before Resnais died, where it won the Alfred Bauer Prize.

In Yorkshire, three couples are shattered by the news that their mutual friend George Riley is fatally ill and has only a few months left. Thinking how best to help him, they invite him to join their amateur dramatic group, but rehearsals bring their past histories to the surface. When George decides to have a last holiday in Tenerife, each of the women wants to accompany him, to the consternation of their partners.


Friday, December 9th 7 PM
Alliance Française du Manitoba, 934 Corydon Avenue

Tomorrow (Demain), by Cyril Dion and Mélanie Laurent

Tomorrow is a 2015 French documentary film.

Showing solutions, telling a feel-good story… this may be the best way to solve the ecological, economical and social crises that our countries are going through. After a special briefing for the journal Nature announced the possible extinction of a part of mankind before the end of the 21st century, Cyril Dion and Mélanie Laurent, together with a team of four people, carried out an investigation in ten different countries to figure out what may lead to this disaster and above all how to avoid it.

During their journey, they met the pioneers who are re-inventing agriculture, energy, economy, democracy and education. Joining those concrete and positive actions which are already working, they began to figure out what could be tomorrow's world…


Thursday, November 3rd | 7 PM
Alliance Française du Manitoba, 934 Corydon Avenue

Fatima, by Philippe Faucon

Fatima is a 2015 franco-canadian film directed by Philippe Faucon. It received four nominations at the 41st César Awards and won Best Film, Most Promising Actress and Best Adaptation.

Fatima lives on her own with two daughters to support: 15-year old Souad, a teenager in revolt, and 18-year old Nesrine, who is starting medical school. Fatima speaks French poorly and is constantly frustrated by her daily interactions with her daughters. Her pride and joy, they are also a source of worry. To ensure the best possible future for them, she works odd hours as a cleaning woman. One day, she takes a fall on the stairs. On leave, Fatima begins to write to her daughters in Arabic that which she has never been able to express in French.


Thursday, June 16th | 7 PM
Alliance Française du Manitoba, 934 Corydon Avenue

La Pirogue, by Moussa Traoré

La Pirogue is a 2012 franco-senegalese film directed by Moussa Traoré.

Baye Laye is the captain of the fishing pirogue. Like many of his Senegalese compatriots, he sometimes dreams of new horizons, where he can earn a better living for his family. When he is offered to lead one of the many pirogues that head towards Europe via the Canary Island, he reluctantly accepts the job, knowing full-well the dangers that lie ahead. Leading a group of 30 men who don't all speak the same language, some of whom have never seen the sea, Baye Laye will confront many perils in order to reach the distant coasts of Europe.

* Festival international du Film de Cannes - Un Certain Regard, 2012
* Tanit d’or award, Carthage Film Festival, 2012
* Award for best direction, people’s choice award, Angouleme, 2012
* Prix Lumieres award for best French-language film, Locarno International Film Festival
* Winner Bronze Stallion, FESPACO 2013

Thursday, May 26th | 7 PM
Alliance Française du Manitoba, 934 Corydon Avenue

Lumumba, by Raul Peck

Lumumba is a 2000 film directed by Raoul Peck centred on Patrice Lumumba in the months before and after the Republic of the Congo (Congo-Léopoldville) achieved independence from Belgium in June 1960.Raoul Peck's film is a coproduction of France, Belgium, Germany, and Haiti. Due to political unrest in the Democratic Republic of the Congo at the time of filming, the movie was shot in Zimbabwe and Beira, Mozambique.

The plot is based on the final months of Patrice Lumumba (played by Eriq Ebouaney) the first Prime Minister of the Congo, whose tenure in office lasted two months until he was driven from office. Joseph Kasa-Vubu(Maka Kotto) is sworn in alongside Lumumba as the first president of the country, and together they attempt to prevent the Congo succumbing to secession and anarchy. The film concludes with Joseph Mobutu (Alex Descas) seizing power.


Thursday, February 18th | 7 PM
Alliance Française du Manitoba, 934 Corydon Avenue

Eastern Boys, by Robin Campillo

Eastern Boys is a 2014Eastern Boys is a 2014 French drama film written and directed by Robin Campillo. It was screened in the Contemporary World Cinema section at the 2013 Toronto International Film Festival

Featuring Olivier Rabourdin (Of Gods and Men), this focuses on one young adult, an immigrant who hangs out with others at the Gare du Nord train station in Paris. They might be prostitutes, but there is no way of knowing for certain. Muller, a discreet man in his late fifties has his eye on one of them – Marek. One afternoon, Muller gathers his courage and speaks to him. The young man agrees to come visit Muller the following day, at his place. However the next day, when the doorbell rings, Muller doesn’t have the faintest idea that he has fallen into a trap...


Thursday, January 21st | 7 PM
Alliance Française du Manitoba, 934 Corydon Avenue

Elle l'adore, by Jeanne Henry

French comedy-drama starring Sandrine Kiberlain and Laurent Laffite.  It was one of the most successful movies in the 2014 French box office and Sandrine Kiberlain was nominated for numerous prizes.

Muriel Bayen, a divorced beautician and mother of two, loves to tell stories. She is a huge fan of this singer Vincent Lacroix, in fact she is a dedicated fan. One day Vincent knocks on her door and asks for her help...


Thursday, December 17TH | 7 PM
Alliance Française du Manitoba, 934 Corydon Avenue

Welcome, by Philippe Lioret

The film tells the story of a French swimming coach who tries to help a young Iraqi-Kurd refugee, whose dream is to cross the English Channel from France to the United Kingdom by any means possible... The film became hugely popular with audiences in France alone reaching 780,000 in just 3 weeks on screen.



Thursday, November 19TH | 7 PM
Alliance Française du Manitoba, 934 Corydon Avenue

Hannah Arendt, by Margerethe Von Trotta

The sublime Barbara Sukowa reteams with director Margarethe von Trotta (Vision, Rosa Luxemburg) for her brilliant new biopic of influential German-Jewish philosopher and political theorist Hannah Arendt. Arendt's reporting on the 1961 trial of ex-Nazi Adolf Eichmann in The New Yorker-controversial both for her portrayal of Eichmann and the Jewish councils-introduced her now-famous concept of the "Banality of Evil." Using footage from the actual Eichmann trial and weaving a narrative that spans three countries, von Trotta beautifully turns the often invisible passion of thought into immersive, dramatic cinema. An Official Selection at the Toronto International and New York Jewish Film Festivals, Hannah Arendt also co-stars Klaus Pohl as philosopher Martin Heidegger, Nicolas Woodeson as New Yorker editor William Shawn, and two-time Oscar Nominee Janet McTeer (Albert Nobbs) as novelist Mary McCarthy. (c) Zeitgeist



Thursday, October 15TH | 7 PM
Alliance Française du Manitoba, 934 Corydon Avenue

La cour de Babel, by Julie Bertuccelli (2013)
For the second installment of CINÉ/FEEL, we'll be screening the film "School of Babel" by Julie Bertuccelli.

They are 11 to 15 years old and they have been put together in a junior high school class to learn French. On this little stage are elevating the voices of innocence, energy and contradictions of these teenagers who are joined by the desire to change lives, and question a lot of stereotypes abouth youth and integration. Join us for an exciting intercultural evening!


Thursday, September 17TH | 7 PM - 9:00 PM
Alliance Française du Manitoba, 934 Corydon Avenue

Queen of Montreuil, by Solveig Anspach (2012)

Queen of Montreuil will be the first film screened for the September installment of Ciné/feel. Directed by French filmmaker Solveig Anspach, who passed away on August 7th of this year ; we are screening this film as a tribute to her. 

It's early summer and Agathe is back in France, at home in Montreuil. She has to get over her husband's death and return to her work as a film director. The unexpected arrival at her house of a couple of Icelanders, a sea lion and a neighbour that she has always desired yet never vanquished will give Agathe the strength to get her life back on track...