Fondation Alliance française

In the context of 2016’s international sporting events, the Fondation Alliance Française organizes its 6th photo contest, “Objectif Sport!”, illustrating the theme of sport. Specific rules and customs, which are framing sport, are an integral part of countries’culture. Also, sport plays a strong social part in modern as much as traditional society.

Thus, participants throughout the world will put in image what, according to us, depicts the best sporting activities in their countries. So, thanks to photography, they will transmit main values of that discipline: tolerance, open-mindedness, social inclusion and team cohesion.

Every participating Alliance française shall send the Fondation 2 photos from an award-winner previously selected by their own jury. The 2 photos should be sent to the local jury no later April 30th, 2016, at the following address:

The 2 photos will then be examined by a jury in Paris. The winner selected will be awarded travel and expenses for a one-week stay in Paris.

Click here for more information about rules and submission.