Contact us about Your Team

To enable us to serve you better, please be sure to include the following pertinent information in your email:

  1. Name and phone number of contact-person
  2. Describe your company or organisation (Private sector, governmental department, etc.)
  3. The type of service you'd like us to provide: Testing or training;
    1. If you require testing, please include the following information:
      1. Abilities to evaluate (oral/aural, written, ...)
      2. Customized or pre-determined testing.
      3. Number of employees to evaluate
    2. If you require training, please include the following information:
      1. What is the general level of the group? Can you give an estimation in terms of level of competence?
      2. Do they all have the same level and/or the same needs?
      3. What are the general objectives of the training?
      4. How many employees do you need trained?
      5. What would be the duration and frequency of classes?
      6. What would be the duration of the contract?

The link doesn't work? Contact our Pedagogical coordinator, Julie Nolot (