4th alliance françaisE french film festival

"Kidnappers, Scammers and Party People"

Francophone Films Festival

March 15th to 18th, 2018

 WFG's Cinematheque | 100 Arthur Street

in partnership with the Winnipeg Cinematheque

Alliance Française du Manitoba is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to teaching and promoting French and its diverse culture. For the the 4th time, the Alliance Française's French Film Festival will give Winnipeggers the opportunity to see a diverse selection of French feature-length movies. This year, it will showcase the best of French comedies!

* All films in French with English subtitles

Students and members of l'Alliance française enjoy the member discount ($6) by presenting their membership card at the CINEMATHEQUE box office. Click here to purchase advance tickets.

Screening Schedule


7PM  |   Les Ripoux (My New Partner)   Claude ZIDI  1984

Presented by McDonald at the Movies

A crooked old detective (Phillippe Noiret) must rethink his strategies when he is assigned to teach his tricks to an incorruptible young rookie. The film won a Cesar (the French Oscar) for Best Picture.

"Corrupt Parisian cop René initiates naive police-academy graduate François (Lhermitte) into the advantageous corruption of the sleazy Goutte d'Or quarter in Paris, where shirts, meals, drink, whores, and drugs are there for the taking - provided one turns a blind eye to certain criminal activities. Noiret is in his element as the slobbish René, and director Zidi's attention to the back-street milieu helps to sustain a believable air of comic amorality." 5/5, Time Out


9PM  |   L'Homme de Rio (That Man From Rio)   Philippe de BROCA  1964

Serviceman Jean-Paul Belmondo begins his 8-day leave by changing to civvies in a Métro entrance and witnesses fiancée Françoise Dorléac (Catherine Deneuve’s sister) getting kidnapped – and then the chase begins… Belmondo performs his own blood-curdling stunts against that sugar loaf Rio skyline and across that under-construction unearthly architecture of Brasilia (even parachuting almost into the jaws of a hungry croc)! - Cohen Film Collection

"That Man From Rio is a crazy delight, a stylish, early-'60s pastiche that folds in every adventure-movie cliché you've ever seen, and possibly invents a few new ones."

-Stephanie Zacharek, Village Voice


7PM  |   L'Effet Aquatique (The Together Project)   Solveig ANSPACH  2016

Sponsored by the Consulate General of Iceland in Winnipeg.

Samir, a 40-something crane operator, falls head over heels in love with Agathe, a feisty young woman he sees in a café. He discovers she is a swimming instructor at the local public swimming pool, and, for lack of a better plan, he decides to enlist as her student…although he can swim perfectly. But his lie only lasts for three lessons, and Agathe hates liars.

"In her final directorial effort, Solveig Anspach has managed to make a comedy in a most beautiful way." - Héléna Villovitch, Elle France


9PM  |   Le Sens de la Fête (C'est La Vie)     Eric Toledano & Olivier Nakache 2017

Sponsored by Cinémental.

A new comedy by the team behind the hit "The Intouchables," Pierre and Helena's wedding rests in the hands of Jean-Pierre, who has hired a staff of 40 people. The wedding will take place in a 17th-century castle where the entire staff will meet. Upon arrival, Jean-Pierre finds his assistant Adele in full swing with James, the pretentious DJ. Then Josiane, Jean-Pierre’s mistress and the chef de salle, announces that she’s leaving him. When the egocentric groom arrives on the scene to finalize the last details, he begins to order everyone around. And the day is just beginning …- mk2/mile end


3PM  |   Jour de Fête   Jacques TATIE  1949

In his enchanting debut feature, Jacques Tati stars as a fussbudget of a postman who is thrown for a loop when a traveling fair comes to his village. Even in this early work, Tati was brilliantly toying with the devices (silent visual gags, minimal yet deftly deployed sound effects) and exploring the theme (the absurdity of our increasing reliance on technology) that would define his cinema. - The Criterion Collection


7PM  |   21 Nuits avec Pattie    Arnaud et Jean-Marie LARRIEU 2015

A forty-year-old Parisian named Caroline comes to a small village inSouthern France because she has organise the funeral of her mother. Caroline, who didn't get along all too well with her deceased mother, finds a new friend in a local woman named Pattie who introduces her to local gossip. While the traditional mid-summer dance is about to take place, the corpse disappears.

"This is an intelligent, sensitive, good-looking, sexually frank Gallic comedy." - Lee Marshall, Screen Daily


9PM  |   Au Revoir Là Haut (See You Up There)    Albert DUPONTEL 2017

November 1919. Two survivors of the trenches, one genius draughtsman, the other a timid accountant, decide to set up a con at the Monuments of the Dead while a corrupt Lieutenant has his own plans to make a fortune off the corpses of war victims. In France in the Roaring Twenties, all will prove to be as spectacular as it is dangerous.

"Mixes high craft, surrealist humor and extremely dark themes - of trauma, death, corruption and manipulation - in ways that hold together rather well."

- Jordan Mintzer

Hollywood Reporter



3PM  |    Voyage Au Travers du Cinéma Français (A Journey Through French Cinema)  Bertrand Tavernier 2016

Bertrand Tavernier looks at the history of French cinema and how it impacted his life, from his youth as a movie buff to his own career as a filmmaker. Along the way, he explores the works of such notable French directors as Jacques Becker, Jean-Pierre Melville, Claude Sautet, François Truffaut, and Jean-Luc Godard.

"It would be a shame if the film were to be seen only by those already interested in French cinema. Anyone with an eye for grace, industry, resilience, rich shadows, and strong cigarettes should go along."

-Anthony Lane, The New Yorker