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Group courses

Design and technology come together in our classrooms to provide you with a unique learning experience. Our method is progressive and relies partly on multimedia resources, with content directly embedded in the teaching material. From beginner to advanced level, our approach is action-based. It is centered on the learner as an individual using language as a communication tool when facing different concrete situations.

Attending our courses will provide you with the best preparation to the DELF exam, an internationally accepted and valid for life certification. Our success rates reflect the quality of our courses and their added value to those who choose to study at Alliance Française.

Alliance Française du Manitoba is the only Manitoban institution using the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFRL), whose standards are recognised internationally. With its 6 levels of progression, it will help you define precisely your level, and you will gain more credibility with many companies in Canada and around the world.

In groups of maximum 14 students, our courses are gradual and communicative. They are taught by French-as-a-second-language specialists, whose professionalism and experience is enhanced by the use of up-to-date technology in our comfortable classrooms. 

Different types of courses

  Regular & Intensive Courses Focus Courses Special Courses
(A subset of Conversation & Focus Courses)
Description Curriculum-based interactive learning, focusing on reading, writing, listening and speaking. Move up from level to level. Supplement your learning with these focused courses like French for Work, French Conversation or French Happy Hour. Enjoy new material every session. Focus on your oral skills with Interaction Orale or maintain your advanced level with Maintien des Acquis. Enjoy new material every session.
Sessions 5 per year (8-10 weeks per session):
Fall (Oct-Nov), Winter 1 (Nov-Feb), Winter 2 (Feb-Apr), Spring (Apr-Jun), Summer (Jul-Aug)
Normal sessions suspended during the pandemic; small-group courses being offered, contact us for more information.
Paces Regular: 1 class/week, 8-10 weeks/level (1 level/session)
Fast-track: 2 classes/week, 4-5 weeks/level (Up to 2 levels/session)
Intensive: 4 classes/week 2-3 weeks/level (Up to 4 levels/session)
Textbook required Yes No Interaction Orale: No
Maintien des Acquis: Yes
Cost per course/level $320 Variable
Not all paces are available every session.

Other courses

In addition to group courses, we offer many different options for learning!