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Our students come from many different walks of life and learn French for a wide variety of reasons. Hear their stories about what inspired them to start learning French!

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Yen-Chi Lu

When I was in Taiwan, my sister decided she wanted to have an experience abroad. She chose to go to France. In order to get ready and learn the language, she signed up in Alliance française in Taiwan. She had a good experience and recommended it to me.

When I decided to sign up it was partly because I had regrets dating back from my university years where I had the opportunity to study French for one semester. The teacher was excellent but the class was overcrowded. I signed up for an intensive class over summer in Alliance française in Taiwan.

When I decided to move to Canada, I did some research and I chose to come and settle down in Winnipeg for different reasons but especially because Winnipeg has a French speaking community, they have a good hockey team and because there is Alliance française of Manitoba.

What I like in Alliance française is that every teacher speaks English. It makes me comfortable.

I would like to become fluent in both French and English because Canada is a bilingual country.

Vivien Saadia

I have been learning French on and off for years, since a schoolgirl in fact. I also attended Alliance Française in South Africa twenty years ago. My husband is French speaking and I have French citizenship.

Despite all this, I can barely speak a word, embarrassing! A year ago I decided to have another try at rectifying this.

Alliance Française in Winnipeg is wonderful. The teachers have clearly been carefully chosen, I have had four so far, all enthusiastic, patient and kind but each one also having unique qualities.

The textbook is excellent, providing a balance of grammar, vocabulary and oral practice; as well as exposing the student to France, her territories and culture.
Alliance also arranges many local cultural events and all age groups can get involved socially if so inclined.

Kurtis Calder

As supported by my employer, taking French language lessons from AF was more than I expected in a good way!  The course instructor used many learning styles and the use of course materials, both the work book and audio capability, catered to a variety of learning styles. 

I consider myself a basic French speaker but I always look forward to the next class and challenging myself to better my vocabulary.  AF has really set me on a good path of learning!

Let the 'les devoirs' speak for itself. 

AF was a great resource to help me to start on my French language journey

Gail Haines

I have always loved learning French and when I decided to take French courses after many, many years of not really speaking much of the language, I was very happy to discover AFM.  The format of speaking, reading, listening and writing makes for an excellent method of learning.

The instructors I have had are all encouraging, patient and work hard with each student depending on his or her level of the French language and they make the classes very enjoyable.  

At AFM they offer many events to learn more about French culture. They organize fun events where students of all levels can meet and speak with other students either at AFM or at various places around the city.

The activities and events allow students to practice French even when not at the weekly classes which I think makes for enhanced on-going learning.