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Reaching the Language Goals of the Civil Service of Canada Preparing for the SLE Maintaining your level

We'll help you reach the language goals, prepare for the SLE, and maintain your level.

In an environment where being bilingual is a real asset, the Alliance Française and its team of competent instructors can offer you various training programs, from training for beginners to maintenance classes, including training to prepare for the Second Language Evaluation (SLE).

Whether you need a French training program for your own career development or for your employees, l’Alliance Française du Manitoba can offer the customized training program that suits your needs.

Need to organise training or testing for your team? Contact us with an overview of your needs so that we can get in touch with you.

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Reaching the Language Requirements of the Civil Service of Canada

Whatever your current level in French, we can offer you a customized training program:

The Alliance Française’s training programs are based on the Programme de Français Langue Seconde of the School of Public Service (PFL2). This training program has been specifically designed for Canadian civil servants. It consists of 40 training objectives to reach the B level.

All our instructors have a degree in French as a second language. You will benefit from their experience in the area of language training for civil servants.

For example, you will need to consider on average:

In order to give you an accurate evaluation that better fits your goals and your needs, we suggest that you schedule an assessment with one of our instructors. This will be an opportunity to discuss the details of your training. This assessment is complimentary.

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Become more familiar with the language requirements of the Canadian government.

My aim in taking language instruction at the Alliance Française was to achieve BBB levels in French. As a result of the excellent instruction I was able to achieve or exceed this goal. After my initial assessment I received an estimate of the number of hours required to meet my goals, and this turned out to be exactly on target. -Ian M, Public Prosecution Service of Canada

Getting Prepared for the SLE

This training program is meant for people who already have some knowledge of French and who would like to prepare for the exams of the Second Language Evaluation of the Canadian government. With typical examples of the different exams, our instructors will prepare you for each part of the exam, in conditions very similar to the actual conditions of the SLE and will provide you with a feedback after each mock exam in order to guide you to specific points to review.

Click here for helpful information on the SLE.

I found that the instruction was excellent and very well-tailored to my needs and ability. The instructors were all very patient and flexible, and were always willing to adapt to my schedule or take the time to clarify any areas in which I needed some extra help. In particular, the preparation for the exams was very thorough and ensured that the format and content was familiar. -M. Foote, Public Prosecution Service of Canada

Maintaining your level

Have you already taken the Second Language Evaluation test or do you need to take it again soon? Do you want more opportunities to practice French? L’Alliance Française du Manitoba offers you a new training program:

Each class will enable you to reactivate your knowledge and acquire new skills through different activities that you will be able to implement in your daily work. For example: