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Available Courses: 10

A1 Discovery

From A101 to A103. Students are able to introduce themselves and talk about their hobbies, explain where they live, describe their relationships, have simple conversations during a trip, etc. Choose this level if you are a beginner or a false-beginner.

Available Courses: 8

A2 Intermediate

From A201 to A206: Students are able to communicate and exchange on familiar and habitual subjects.

Available Courses: 6

B1 Independent

From B101 to B107: many of our students aim to reach a B1 level (independent user) which enables them to interact with ease on familiar topics in French with native speakers.

Available Courses: 3

B2 Advanced

Students are able to communicate with a degree of spontaneity and ease so that a conversation with a native speaker does not involve tension for either party. It is also the level of language proficiency that most French universities require from undergraduate foreign students.

Required Course Material
  • Cosmopolite 4 ($60.00 CAD)
Available Courses: 1

B2-C1 Advanced - Autonomous

Special courses and exciting workshops!