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Our Upcoming Events

 | Alliance Française du Manitoba

What lessons can be gathered from a discussion between two writers who share stories that make us question the very ideas of morality and forgiveness? Join Rhéal Cenerini and François Gilbert at Alliance Française for Sowing Compassion, one of the first sessions of the Thin Air International Writers Festival. Expect an evening of lively exchanges with these two talented artists. Appetizers and drinks will be served.

 | Cordova Tapas & Wine 93 Albert Street

What now? Join the Alliance Française du Manitoba at Cordova bar for an après Nuit Blanche afterparty. Francophone and francophile DJs will spin French-inspired experimental and rare electronic tracks, from Femminielli to Flavien Berger, going all night for a real nuit blanche. Step into an interactive poetry machine to add your own French touch to the dance floor.

 | Centre Culturel Franco-Manitobain

Stand up comedy 50% in French et 50% en anglais.  How many kisses do you have to do when saying hello? Pourquoi y a-t-il 15 jours dans 2 semaines? Why are French anglicisms not real English words?
Ce sont des questions que Paul Taylor se pose tous les jours. Paul is a bilingual Brit confused about his identity. Il parle français comme un Froggy mais il pense comme un Rosbif. This is why, in 2015, he quit his job at Apple to take to the stage and find some answers.

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