IMPORTANT - The Alliance Française of Manitoba no longer asks for a mask or a proof of vaccination. However, we recognize that there are varying levels of comfort with these changes and we respect everyone's right to make this personal choice.

Start Your International French Journey!

How to start your French Journey at the AFM?

Are you looking for a regular course of 9 weeks or do you want to practice French from time to time ? Create your PERFECT French journey !

But before picking your class, do you know your level ? 

If you are a complete beginner, you can start with the first level (adults or kids).
If you are NOT a complete beginner, you need to take a Test Level first.
If you are already a student at the Alliance Française, ask your teacher which level you should take after your current session! Then pick on the course selector.

Test Your French Level

Take a test to know your level in French! The first step is an online written test, then depending on your results, you may be called by one of our teacher to assess your oral level.

Start Learning French

You are a complete beginner in French? Pick the level A101 and select the time and day that you prefer for your class !

What Our Students Say?


Cultural French Events

At the Alliance Française we encourage Cultural Events!

We have something for everyone: meetings with artists, cinema in French, theme nights, friendly gatherings ... 

Plus, many activities are FREE for members, oui, oui! So come and take a look at our calendar, to see what we can offer.

Atelier D'Expression Slam

You've always wanted to learn the art of writing ? This workshop will satisfy your desires!
Beginner or initiated, this workshop led by Seream, will bring out the poet in you.

So let's get started!

On Monday 24th April,
at 6:30 pm

📍 Alliance Française of Manitoba

Just(e) Slam

You've always wanted to
spend an evening dedicated to slam, declamations, performances, whisper, emotions, laughter, oral and living poetry ? 

Sounds perfect, Just(e) Slam
with the artist Seream, will offering you a stage and open mic!


francophones, anglophones, franglophones ... join us

On Wednesday 29th March,
at 7 pm

📍 Alliance Française of Manitoba

Soirée Pop-Corn 

The Soirées Pop-Corn are projection of a French-speaking movie with English subtitles, the second Thursday of the month ! It's free and we give the pop-corn ! So what are you waiting to register ?

Il était une forêt

In his new film, Luc Jacquet takes us on an extraordinary journey deep into the tropical forest, into the heart of life itself. For the first time, a tropical forest springs to life before our very eyes. From the first shoot to the blossoming of giant trees, from the canopy to the development of hidden links between plants and animals, no less than seven centuries will unfold before us. Luc Jacquet has been filming nature for many years, moving and thrilling audiences with unique and exciting tales. His encounter with the botanist Francis Hallé gave birth to this heritage film, combining the transmission of knowledge, poetry and visual magic, about the last great primal forests in the tropics. Il était une forêt offers an exceptional immersion in this wild world that has remained in its original state, in perfect balance, where each organism - from the smallest to the largest and all connected to each other - plays an essential part.

As an exception on Thursday 20th April 2023
at 7pm

📍 Alliance Française of Manitoba


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