Adult Classes

IMPORTANT - The Alliance Française of Manitoba no longer asks for a mask or a proof of vaccination. However, we recognize that there are varying levels of comfort with these changes and we respect everyone's right to make this personal choice.

At the Alliance Française of Manitoba, we divide the knowledge of French into five levels (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1), giving learners time to progress along their learning journey in a logical manner. Once a level is completed, students are allowed to register for the next level. 

Registration process

How to register for a French course at the AFM? Follow these two steps!

Step 1 : know your level first

  • If you are a complete beginner, you can already: pick the card A1 below, then the class A101.
  • If you know some French you'll need to take our  written Test Level for a quick assessment: first in writing then you will be contacted to book your oral test by the phone with one of our teachers. The cost is $20.
  • If you are already a student at the Alliance Française, ask your teacher which level you should take after your current session!

Step 2 : pick your class!

Now that you know your level you can enroll to our classes! According to your level, pick the class of your choice below and enroll online. You can also contact us over the phone (204-477-1515) or at

Et voilà !

Regular Classes

Our classes allow students to develop their skills in the four main areas: reading, writing, listening and speaking. We offer five course sessions per year. Register early and enjoy our early bird discount.


A1 - Beginner

From complete beginner A1.1 to A1.3


A2 - Elementary

From A2.1 to A2.4 + grammar/conversation classes.


B1 - Intermediate

From B1.1 to B1.5 + grammar/conversation or cultural classes.


B2 - Advanced

From B2.1 to B2.10 + grammar/conversation or cultural classes.


C1 - Expert

From C1.1 to C1.12 + grammar/conversation or cultural classes.


Calendar of 2022/2023 group courses

Our nine-weeks group courses are divided into 5 sessions during the year, which follows the seasons. You cannot take an on-going session, and must wait for the next one.

FALL September 12, 2022 November 12, 2022

Early bird until September 1, 2022

WINTER 1 November 21, 2022 February 6, 2023

Early bird until November 10, 2022

WINTER 2 February 13, 2023 April 17, 2023

Early bird until February 2, 2023

SPRING April 24, 2023 June 26, 2023

Early bird until April 13, 2023

SUMMER July 4, 2023 August 28, 2023

Early bird until June 22, 2023

Special Classes

Looking for a lesson that goes beyond the regular? Do you have specific needs or do you prefer to learn in another way, with different pace? In the summer we offer fast & intensive courses, and All over the year we have focus courses!

Try our INTENSIVE Summer Programs!

This Summer try our INTENSIVE program and upgrade your level in only two weeks!

4 classes/week
2 weeks/level
Complete up to 3 levels/session
Only offered in Summer session, up to A201

Discover our FAST TRACK Summer Programs

In the Summer, go from one level to another in four weeks during our FAST TRACK program!

2 classes/week
4 weeks/level
Complete up to 2 levels/session
Offered as A101 (beginner) and A102 in the Summer session

Hey! We have the FOCUS course for YOUR needs

Do you prefer a more informal way to practice your French? We have different options that allow you to focus on specific goals and your interests, so you can progress according to your needs.

✓ Conversation course (1h)
✓ Oral interaction (1h45)
✓ Maintaining acquired skills (2h15)

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