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B1 Independent
B1 Independent

2023-24 Summer: B1 with French

Special Courses and Workshops

Refresh the essential skills of the B1 level!
​A summer-only course to review or present the basic concepts of the B1 level. Review or get an introduction to new material!

Pace: Standard

French Conversation - B1

Focus Classes

Join our French conversation class at the B1 level (B101 and above) and improve your ability to communicate in French! Our one-hour class is perfect for busy students with limited time who want to improve their speaking skills in a friendly atmosphere. In this class, you will:

  • build on your existing knowledge and explore more advanced conversation structures
  • enriching your vocabulary through lively discussions on a variety of topics
  • develop your ability to express yourself in French with greater accuracy and confidence

The class size is limited to 8 participants.

Pace: Special