Private Classes

For individuals or corporations

Learn at your own pace with one-on-one instruction!

Available for adults, teens or children age 6+ at all levels of proficiency. In-person or ONLINE!

Lessons are tailored to your particular needs: brushing up on existing skills, extra help for school or preparing for a specific occasion.

Flexible scheduling throughout the day or evening.

Choice of location: lessons can take place at the Alliance Francaise, online. There is an additional fee for external classes in enterprise. Contact us directly for more information.

Membership: To purchase a package of private lessons, learners must be a member of the association. Become a member of the association first here

If you would like to organize a private class with more than 3 students in the same group at the same level, please contact us directly.

All classes have to be a minimum of 60 minutes. Each package has a time-limit: 20 hours = 4 months, 10 hours = 2 months, 3 hours = 1 month.

Private Classes for Individuals

If you want to take customized French lessons at the Alliance Française of Manitoba, you found the right place! First take a look at our guidelines and then start the registration process.

Prices and guideline for individuals

1 Student

20 hours = $50 /hr
($1000 per student)

10 hours = $55 /hr
($550 per student)

3 hours = $60 /hr
($180 per student)

2 Students in the same class

20 hours = $30 /hr per student
($600 per student)

10 hours = $35 /hr per student
($350 per student)

3 hours = $40 /hr per student
($120 per student)

3 Students in the same class

20 hours = $25 /hr per student
($500 per student)

10 hours = $30 /hr per student
($300 per student)

3 hours = $35 /hr per student
($105 per student)

Registration process

Step 1 : know your level first

Before requesting a quote, you'll need to assess your French Level. Remember, you can't book a class if you don't know your French level.

  • If you know some French you'll need to fill in our Test Level for a quick assessment: first in writing then by the phone with one of our teachers.
  • If you are a complete beginner or already a student at the Alliance Française, you don't need to pass a test.

This step doesn't apply to corporations.

    Step 2 : fill in the form

    Fill in the Custom Course Request form below and explain your needs.

    Our pedagogical team will find you a teacher for your customized schedules. You should receive an answer in less than a week by email, with the validation of your request and the total amount of the course.

    After that, you'll be asked to proceed to the payment.

    Et voilà ! You can start your French Course.

    we require two (2) full business days notice for a cancellation. The cancellation notice MUST be sent to the teacher and the administration at A student who does not give a two (2) business days notice will be charged the full amount of the class. Please review our Terms & Conditions.

    Private Classes for Corporations

    You are a corporation, and you want to give your employees the chance to learn French? Contact us for a customed program! 

    To register : fill in the form below and tell us about your needs.
    Everything is possible

    Private Course Request

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