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The Alliance Française of Manitoba is proud to house a large selection of French and English books, CDs & DVDs! Located on the first floor of the Alliance Française, the Media Centre is a comfortable open space where French language and culture lovers can enjoy contemporary literature, cinema, music and news. The Media Centre’s wide range of resources includes over 1,500 books, 1,000 DVDs, 500 CDs.

It also serves as an important resource centre for students and teachers with language materials.

While the media library is free to access, you must be the member to borrow the materials and to enjoy additional services. The students of Alliance Française du Manitoba can automatically borrow the materials. However, please note that some items cannot be borrowed.




   Each owner of a AFM card can borrow 5 items (including children books, adult books, comic books, DVDs & magazines).
You can renew items by contacting us by phone (204-477-1515 ) or email ( 

Material Type Loan period Number of renewal
Books & Comics 3 weeks 1
CDs, DVDs, CD-ROMs 1 week 1
Audiobooks 1 week 1
Pratique du français 1 week 1

Late Returns: Items must be returned within office hours. If returns occur more than 10 days after the due date, you will be charged until the items are returned: $0.40 per day per item. When an item becomes more than 30 day overdue, borrowing privileges will be blocked until the item is returned and the late fees cleared.  Moreover, 25 to 90 days we will charge you $10 / item.

Damaged or lost item: Members will be charged the cost of replacement of any item that has been damaged or lost. An item will be considered lost after a period of three months from the date of the loan.

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Books' choice

Pourquoi Tokyo?

By Agathe Parmentier

What do a Chanel's bag and dried cephalopods have in common? How many umbrellas are needed to protect yourself from a typhoon? And you, do you thank your toilet enough? Fleeing the Parisian routine, Agathe Parmentier landed in Japan in 2014 with a suitcase and a lots of questions. She settled in a 9 m² room and did a series of small jobs, alternating French lessons and extra work on Japanese television. 

Moi d'abord

By Katherine Pancol

Sophie loves Antoine. Antoine loves Sophie. This could be the end of a photo novel, but it is the beginning of Sophie's happiness and misfortune. Sophie, happy in Antoine's arms, refuses to be only the charming reflection of her in the mirror. She wants to exist, to be real, to be herself. This is difficult when one has learned to live according to recipes for happiness. How, when you are Sophie, can you accept your contradictions? Where do you find the key to happiness? Everything you wanted to know about the devastating tenderness of today's young girls, but were afraid to ask! 

King Kong Theorie

By Virginie Despente

By telling for the first time how she became Virginie Despentes, the author of "Baise-moi" challenges the well-meaning discourses on rape, prostitution, pornography. Manifesto for a new feminism.

DVDs choice


by Valérie Lemercier
Aline is a Canadian-French comedy-drama co-written and directed by Valérie Lemercier, released in 2020. It is a drama freely inspired by the life of Celine Dion.
The youngest of 14 children, little Aline, who lives in a village in Quebec, shows a precocious gift for singing. The producer Guy-Claude saw in her: a diamond in the rough. He takes care of her physical appearance and finds her potential hits. Over time, Aline falls in love with her mentor...


By Philippe Faucon
Fatima is a French film (co-produced with Canada) directed by Philippe Faucon, released in 2015. It is based on Prayer to the Moon (2006) and Finally, I Can Walk Alone (2011), two books by Fatima Elayoubi. The film won the Louis-Delluc Prize in December 2015 and the César for best film 2016.
Fatima lives alone with her two daughters: Souad, 15 years old, a teenager in revolt, and Nesrine, 18 years old, who is starting medical studies. Fatima has a poor French speaking and experiences this as a frustration in her daily relationships with her daughters. Both are her pride, her driving force, and also her concern. In order to offer them the best possible future, Fatima works as a cleaning lady with shifting hours. One day, she falls down in the stairs. When she stopped working, Fatima began to write in Arabic what she had not been able to say to her daughters in French until then.


By Cédric Klapisch
Paris is a French film directed by Cédric Klapisch released on February 20, 2008.

This is the story of a Parisian who is ill and wonders if he will die. His condition gives him a new and different view of everyone he meets. The fact that he is contemplating death suddenly highlights life, the life of others and that of the entire city. Market gardeners, a baker, a social worker, a dancer, an architect, a homeless person, a university professor, a model, an illegal immigrant from Cameroon... All of these people, who have everything in common, are brought together in this city and in this film. You may think that they are not exceptional, but for each of them, their life is unique. You may think their problems are insignificant, but for them, they are the most important in the world.

CDs choice

Les Beaux Dégâts

By Francis Cabrel

Francis Cabrel, born November 23, 1953 in Agen (Lot-et-Garonne), is a French singer-songwriter. He has released several albums mainly in the field of folk, with forays into the blues or country.
Les Beaux Dégâts is the tenth studio album of Francis Cabrel. It was released on May 17, 2004 on the Columbia label and was produced by Fabienne Jacquet.

Pop up

By Yelle

Yelle is a French electro-pop band founded by the eponymous singer Yelle (Julie Budet) and Grand Marnier (Jean-François Perrier). A third member, Tepr (Tanguy Destable), was in the band before the recording of the first album.
Pop Up is the first album of the electro-pop/dance singer Yelle, released on September 3, 2007. In France, the album was certified as a gold record two months after its release and sold over 200,000 copies worldwide.

Ici-bas, ici-même

By Christophe Miossec
Christophe Miossec, simply called Miossec, born December 24, 1964 in Brest in Finistère, is a French singer-songwriter, lyricist and occasional actor. 

Ici-bas, ici-même is Christophe Miossec's ninth album released on April 14, 2014. A first single, On vient à peine de commencer, was unveiled in February 2014.

And so many of others ones ...

Oeuvres complètes
Roman III
Victor Hugo

La carte et le territoire // The map and the territory
Michel Houellebecq

Coeur de Pirate
Coeur de Pirate

Julien Doré

Les Invasions Barbares
Denys Arcand

The Artist

Thomas Langmann and stars Jean Dujardin and Bérénice Bejo