The Alliance française du Manitoba, the CDEM, CINÉMENTAL et FREEZE FRAME are pleased to announce the official launch of Cinéma under the stars for the 4th edition!

Movies Under the Stars will begin on Thursday, June 2 and will continue every Thursdays in June, July and August to end on August 25.




By reservation only at 233-ALLÔ

☎️204-233-2556 | 1-800-665-4443


2 JUNE - 9:30 pm

ASTÉRIX ET OBÉLIX : au service de sa majesté

by Laurent Tirard

Synopsis :
Julius Caesar lands in Britain, where a small village still holds out bravely against the Roman legions. But the situation becomes critical and the villagers have not got long to live; that’s when Anticlimax, one of the villagers seeks volunteers to go seek help from his second-cousin Asterix the Gaul and bring back a barrel of “magic potion” from the Breton village of the indomitable heroes.

9 JUNE - 9:30 pm


by Olivier Nakache, Éric Toledano

Bruno and Malik have lived for twenty years in a world apart, that of children and adolescents with autism. Within their two respective associations, they train young people from difficult neighborhoods to supervise these cases described as 'hyper complex'. An extraordinary alliance for extraordinary personalities.

16 JUNE - 9:30 pm


by Sophie Dupuis

Synopsis :
Maxime, a mine worker in Val-d’Or, Quebec, is facing many challenges in his personal life. He starts a journey on the path to internal peace. He benefits from his team’s solidarity so when a dramatic event occurs, he is determined to help them no matter the risks.

23 JUNE - 9:30 pm


by Émile Gaudreault

When a compulsive liar wakes up one morning to realise that his lies are becoming reality and endangering the whole planet, he panics and enlists his twin brother and a charming translator to look for solutions.

30 JUNE - 9:30 pm


by Valérie Lemercier

Synopsis :
For Aline Dieu, nothing in the world matters more than music, family and love. Her powerful and emotional voice captivates everyone who hears it, including successful manager Guy-Claude Kamar, who resolves to do everything in his power to make her a star. As Aline climbs from local phenomenon to bestselling recording artist to international superstar, she embarks on the two great romances of her life: one with the decades-older Guy- Claude and the other with her adoring audiences. Inspired by the life of Céline Dion.

7 JULY - 9:30 pm


by Olivier Nakache, Éric Toledano

Max has been a caterer for thirty years. Parties he has organized hundreds. Today is a sublime wedding in a 17th century castle, one more, that of Pierre and Héléna. As usual, Max has coordinated everything, but the law of the series will upset a schedule on the wire where each moment of happiness and emotion risks turning into disaster or chaos.

14 JULY - 9:30 pm

La famille Bélier 

by Éric Lartigau

Synopsis :
In the Bélier family, everyone is deaf except Paula, 16 years old. She is an indispensable interpreter for her parents on a daily basis, especially for the operation of the family farm. One day, pushed by her music teacher who discovered her a gift for singing, she decided to prepare for the Radio France competition. A life choice that would mean for her the estrangement from her family and an inevitable passage to adulthood.

21 JULY - 9:30 pm

Calamity, une enfance de Martha Jane Cannary

by Rémi Chayé

Unjustly accused of theft, Martha Jane is forced to flee from her family's convoy. Dressed as a boy, she works to prove her innocence and discovers a new world where her unique personality can shine. An adventure full of dangers and rich in encounters which, step by step, will reveal the legend of Calamity Jane.

28 JULY - 9:30 pm


by Denis Imbert

Synopsis :
After the death of his wife, Stéphane moves to the mountains with his 8-year-old daughter, Vicky, who no longer speaks. One day, while walking in the forest, Vicky discovers a puppy that she decides to keep in secret. She calls it Mystery. A film full of tenderness for the whole family!

4 AUGUST - 9 pm

La gang des hors-la-loi

by Jean Beaudry

In order to have fun all summer long at the baseball field in his village, Nicolas decides with his friends to clean it of its garbage. With the help of his grandfather, he must convince the mayor, fill the bleachers and prepare a real baseball game.

11 AUGUST - 9 pm

La fameuse invasion des ours en Sicile 

by Lorenzo Mattotti

Synopsis :
A clan of bears lives happily in the mountains until the Bear King's son is kidnapped by hunters and a harsh winter forces them to move down to the city. But bears aren't meant to live in the land of men...

25 AUGUST - 9 pm


by Gabriel Tougas

When Maxine, a journalism student, accidentally uncovers evidence that charges an oil company with financial fraud, she begins an investigation in order to expose him and face the company's intimidating tactics.

An innovation for the 2022 edition: Les Jeudis de la Francophonie!

In addition to offering you films every Thursday evening for this summer of 2022, there will also be other activities that highlight the Francophonie in the heart of St Boniface. More information here.

In the event of cancellation due to bad weather or the pandemic, the organizing committee will send an email to the participants for the inform of the situation. In this message, participants will find a link to watch a film in French (subtitled in English) and renew the experience at home. In other words, Thursday is for movies! We guarantee a movie night every Thursday whether under the stars or on the canvas!

This project was made possible thanks to the Government of Canada.

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