Yoga in french

- Animated by Amber -

The Alliance Française du Manitoba and the Sports en Français are very happy to reunite to offer you a Yoga in french class package at Winnipeg.

French speakers or French learners, this event is a way for all of us to get together to share a moment of well-being and relaxation.
So come and embrace the Yogi in you

When and where are the Yoga Hatha in French classes?


Each Wednesday from October 19 to December 14


From 6:30 pm to 7:45 pm

OCTOBER 19, 2022
OCTOBER 26, 2022
NOVEMBER 2, 2022
NOVEMBER 9, 2022
NOVEMBER 16, 2022
NOVEMBER 23, 2022
NOVEMBER 30, 2022
DECEMBER 7, 2022
DECEMBER 14, 2022


In person at the Alliance Française du Manitoba

How to participate?

Registration and practical information

📝 You need to register 👉 
here 👈

❗❗ Before October 17 6:30 pm and pay for the all package. 

💰 The cost for the package is $85.

❗❗6 participants only.

🏋️‍♀️ Yoga mats will be available on site, but feel free to bring your own! Bring water and a towel!

Who is Amber your Yoga Hatha Teacher?

Amber Wojtowicz
has been practicing yoga since she was a teenager. She decided to train as a yoga teacher during The covid-19 pandemic while the impact of containment on mental and physical health became apparent.

During her classes, Amber likes to challenge her students while making yoga accessible to all levels.

Thanks to our partners and collaborators on this project :