In February, two sets of graphic novels: l'Arabe du Futur and Guy Delisle's series on cities. This is a great way to learn French for visual learners!

L'Arabe du Futur

Riad Sattouf’s father travelled from a small Syrian village to Paris in the 1970s. He met Sattouf’s French mother at university there. After they graduated and their son was born, the family went first to Libya under Gaddafi and then to Syria under Assad. L’Arabe du futur 1 & 2, Sattouf’s autobiographical graphic novel, tells of his strange childhood spent in the shadow of Arab dictators and his father’s delusions.

Guy Delisle

Delisle is a comics writer from Québec whose books – Shenzhen, Pyongyang, Burma Chronicles – document his travels so vividly that you return to your Rough Guide, your Lonely Planet with a heavy heart. Funny, precise, and unafraid to mention national foibles, Delisle begins his narratives as the baffled outsider: the galumphing expat who must cope with all the boring logistics of life, from finding a playground for his children to predicting the vagaries of the bus service.