More New CDs for April!


Alain Souchon & Laurent Voulzy

The meeting of two outstanding artists on one album! After nearly 40 years on the scene each, and occasional collaborations on their biggest hits, they now only for the first time composed an entire album for 4 hands! An event project for French music and for all generations!

shy'm - solitaire

Solitaire is certainly Shy'm’s most controversial album. Buoyed by the first hit entitled "Malice", the new album features more polished and personal works than her previous work. Coming soon, Shy'm will offer an album with explosive titles and more introspective songs.

julien clerc - partout la musique vient

As prolific as always, the sexagenarian Julien Clerc keeps going forward as much enthusiasm as when he started. Never out of songs, which explains the title of this twenty-third album, the major composer and interpreter of the past three decades went looking for novelty and found it in London, to give substance to the drafts concocted with go-to songwriters such as Maxime Le Forestier, Gérard Duguet-Grasser and Carla Bruni. However, the recently promoted Alex Beaupain takes the cake with seven lyrics of his own.

daniel lavoie - la licorne captive

"When listening to La Licorne captive for the first time, one does not have the sensation of listening to a recording, but rather that of entering a universe. Out of time, far from reality, far from the cities, in hallucinated countrysides, enchanted forests." -Philippe Delerm. Ten years of hard work by musician Laurent Guardo are at the heart of this magnificent project, which was designed as an offering to the great Daniel Lavoie. An achievement as though by alchemy, an indescribable sense of sound, at the imaginary crossroads between acoustic guitars, lutes, udus, tablas and violas da gamba. Called to travel, here we soon became captives marveled at the unicorn. It won’t let you go…

vanessa paradis - love songs

It took 6 years for Vanessa Paradis to return to the world of music. The wait was certainly worth it as she offers us a high quality live double album about love. The energy of pop and elegance in interpretation blend in perfect harmony. It retraces, in almost two hours with the two concerts, the rich and touching career of the singer.

christophe willem - paraît-il

Christophe Willem today delivers his 4th album "Paraît-il", produced with Fredrika Stahl and Regis Ceccarelli. Carla Bruni, Zazie, and Jean-Jacques Goldman also participated in the writing of this album. This year, the singer goes back to basics, having decided to highlight this voice that allowed him to win "New Star" there eight years.