New CDs For April!


BÉNABAR : Inspiré de faits réels

As its title indicates, Inspired by Real Facts puts the spotlight more than ever on the views or life stories reworked through a dozen snapshots of life that Bénabar's language is known for: a simple and direct writing, poignant, but with a sly grin. The brassy electro-swing "Paris by Night" is the lead track, contrasting with the rest of the album which remains in the tradition of his previous recordings. The informal nature of this tune is different from the melancholic “Remember Paris”, “Belle journée” and “La Grande vie”, all of which are metaphysical tracks, adding overall depth to the album.

CALOGERO : Les feux d'artifice

After five years without recording, Calogero returns with a sixth dense album for which many notable artists have lent their pen. Between pop-rock and chanson, an album could not be more personal. The album is consistently hit-worthy, soothing and searing, with a consistent taste for climax. Not only is the album itself a firework, but so is each of the twelve tracks

DARAN : Le Monde perdu

Le monde perdu is undoubtedly the most accomplished and personal album of Daran’s career, the one which he wanted to do for 15 years. In the tradition of North-American Folk, yet always against the tide, Daran delivers with The Lost World an album where everything is reduced to the absolute essentials. The great songs do not need fireworks; they live by a voice, a guitar and a harmonica. In short, the disc is full of great songs.

NOIR DÉSIR : Du ciment sous les plaines

Harmonicas and songs that wafted "Please surrender the soul ..." have disappeared and given way to a heavy sky. The storm hovers over these fourteen dishevelled tracks, haunted by nebulous rhythms and bristling with tempestuous guitars. Wild and sulphurous, Cantat's voice sounds the wind of revolt against capitalist models and social injustice ("The Holy Economic War", "All the gold") throughout this severe album, massive and corrosive, sung in both French and English.

YELLE : Complètement fou

A new conquest for the extravagant Yelle, in command of the third disc, 'Completely Crazy'. With production by Dr. Luke (Ke$ha, Britney Spears, Katy Perry), the singer puts her melody in the heart of the international charts. Daring titles, a marked rhythm, Yelle asserts herself (again) in the top tier of French pop.