New CD releases for august

Pierre Flynn Sally Folk Luce Valérie Lahaie Ariane Moffatt Louis-Jean Cormier

Pierre Flynn – Sur la terre

Albeit still present on the music scene with projects such as “Hommage à Brel” (Tribute to Brel), “Open Country” and “Douze hommes rapaillés” (Twelve gathered men), Pierre Flynn has made himself scarce in the studio these past few years and has produced little new material. The sophisticated artist is finally back and his voice is more   soulful than ever. This earth traveller has come back to us with renewed intensity. “Sur la terre” will be his first original composition album since “Mirador” was released in 2001.

Sally Folk – Deuxième acte

After taking Quebec by storm, selling over 15 000 units of her first album since October 2013, Sally Folk is ready to strike again with her second much anticipated album! True to herself and her unique sound, the record is once again produced by Michel Dagenais. After several Quebec radio hits (‘’Heureux Infidèles’’, ‘’on dira aux autres’’, ‘’7 jours’’), 2 nominations at last year’s Adisq Gala, it is with great pride that Sally Folk reveals this album, her second act!

Luce – Chaud

4 years after her noticed victory on French TV show “La nouvelle star” (the French version of “American Idol”)) and 3 years after her first album, sparkly Luce comes back on stage with a second opus.
Having lost nothing from her panache and her sense of humor that had seduced the general public, Luce shows us that, now 23, she is more mature and has taken the time to find her artistic dream team. For her new album “Chaud” (Hot), Luce found in Mathieu Boogaerts her Pygmalion: he wrote, composed and  produced the album. He has also been on stage with her  since February 2015. This CD is sure to be a hot ticket!

Valérie Lahaie – Vertige

She has often been described as an “emotions bomb”. Valerie Lahaie, last runner-up on the québec TV show “La Voix” (The Voice) in 2014, is now realeasing her first album called Vertige (Vertigo).

Ariane Moffat – 22h22

Ariane Moffatt presents 22h22, a new album that takes electro-pop to a new level, incorporating elements of dream-pop, trip-hop and dubstep. Entirely in French, it has at its core Ariane's ethereal, poetic, yet powerful voice. Her lyrics are more personal than ever before.

Louis-Jean Cormier – Le treizième étage

He gave us the feels for 15 years when he was in the band Karkwa, now Louis-Jean Cormier is back with his first solo album.  The CD, produced by Simone Records, is titled “Le treizième étage” (The 13th floor). It is gathered with friends, partners in crime and artisans of all sorts that Cormier cobbled together this vibrant universe that suits him well, and takes us with him.