New CDs For March!



With Second round, Zebda had managed their return after an eight year break. Album gold record, the most programmed group at festivals in 2012 ... As The Cherokees must be adapted when the first steps as a new standard for the group. Generosity, tonic accents, funk jamesbrownien, Southern poetry, all on texts that make things happen. Zebda invites us once again to change course, combining solar rhythms and nostalgic rides. One finds happiness with the joyful energy and claimant to the southern accent Zebda. On dynamic, catchy and varied music, the protagonists of the Toulouse group are getting the message about social criticism bottom of a festive and inspiring way.


New and 6th album by Emilie Simon, Molting promises to be one of the most ambitious French record in recent years. Untied his writing and story, spacious and charmers compositions the scintillating energy of his voice will never have been so developed. More organic, more outgoing, the new Emilie blurs all tracks where we thought to find it almost unrecognizable yet perfectly itself. Evidence that Mue is successful. A spectacular Mue, in cinemascope. More mature but still mischievous, ingenious and ingenuous at once, it would be stone not moved out of this "Mue" enchanting.


This drive started as a game, over an acoustic tour with usability pushed Tryo reconnect with the taste of the times. Public accomplice proximity was an opportunity to share in the good mood, some collective memory, reinvent having fun. Before each concert, Guizmo, Mali, Manu and Daniel and asked their community of friends on the web suggest titles to revisit them on stage. At the option of various themes, sometimes to the wacky ("The songs you ashamed?"), And beautiful improvised moments project ended up drawing engraved on the road, day to day, town after town thanks to the immediacy of a mobile studio. The idea: to return to the prism of their playful reggae, a selection of songs printed in the DNA of Tryo


Recorded in Quebec with Patrick Watson’s band, Soleil dedans shows a morepoetic Arthur H than ever, a real offbeat eccentric, carrying his inimitable deep voice to unexpected heights. The mental landscape is vast, immense, offered. The outer space, the vastness of the sea, the night of Montreal in the snow, a world whose every song ever further away terminals ... Pop as vast as the cosmos, melodies so simple that the voice seems to float, words drunk with freedom, a crystal clear and generous sound.


Originally from St Etienne, Pier and Flo share two worlds, two visions of music that, when confronted with each other, will not ever be separated and continuously enrich themselves. Soon, a common taste differs. In music, the boys are sensitive to albums Polnareff, Michael Jackson, Queen and Mylène Farmer. Better, they discover a passion for literature (Baudelaire, Rilke, Hugo) and s (Golden, Tamara de Lempicka, Girodet). All these references will feed this first album. Aesthetically, Cassandra lies somewhere between the paintings of Géricault and clips Woodkid. As cold and poignant beauty, a refinement and a grand minimalism.


With this sixth album, King of electro / dance offers his most personal side, sometimes daring more pop-influenced songs. Buoyed by his singles "Lovers On The Sun" and "Dangerous" Listen proves Guetta transforms everything he touches into sonic gold. Always on number 1, the boss of electro / dance in the world is here with his new album 14 tubes, with the voices of Sia, John Legend, Nico&Vinz, Nicky Minaj, and Sam Martin.