NEW CDs for october

Alain Chamfort Cali Dominique A Louane Térez Montcalm

Alain Chamfort

12 years after “le plaisir” (i.e. “pleasure”), Alain Chamfort came back on April the 13th with a new studio album. The album counts 11 original songs. It was recorded in Paris, between September and November 2014 at the Ferber & Question de son studios. The album composed by Alain Chamfort, with the participation of Benoît Courti and Frédéric Lo. It was written by Jacques Duvall (Alain Chamfort, Lio, Étienne Daho), directed and arranged by Frédéric Lo (Daniel Darc, Alex Beaupain, S. Eicher, Pony Pony Run Run), and mixed at the Studio Plus XXX by François Delabrière (Daniel Darc, Zazie, Marc Lavoine) and Frédéric Lo, and finally is was mastered by Tim Young (The Smiths, Massive Attack and Nick Cave) at the Metropolis studio in London. The album includes a newly-released duo with Charlotte Rampling.

Cali – L'âge d'or

This is CALI’s 6th album and his re-grand entrance on the French music scene! These thirteen songs drum the beat of the heart, of happiness, of the hours we thought were forgotten in the big tent of childhood. A past conjugated into the present of the disk. We would die from tears of joy, in the mix of this delicate but animalistic whirlpool of DNA, past life, and present life . “Life, pretty much! », exclamates Cali in this euphoric single, in a new vital energy, bringing each and every one of us to an immediate sense of happiness. The rocker we know to be so committed, this minstrel blowing jubilant flames on his public for over 20 years, has now entered the Golden Age chapter of his existence.

Dominique A – Éléor

Dominique A is a major artist in the French musical scene and he’s celebrated in 2012 his 20 years in the field with the release of his album “vers les lueurs” (i.e. “towards the lights”). The album received the Golden Disk award and the artist was awarded in 2013 the title of Masculine artist of the year at the Victoires de la Musique. Dominique A is now back with his 10th studio album titled “Éléor”. The first two songs, eponymous “Éléor” and “au revoir mon amour” (i.e. “goodbye my love”) set the foundations for this new glowing work of art, shining on Dominique A’s poetry. “Éléor offers these worlds, these beings, these words, these images, that have over the years made us that much more overwhelmed and attached to Dominique A.” Éléor is a poetic journey made of songs in which echo the rustle of the sea. But his texts also have this intimate and nostalgic aspect, as if their author confided himself in them, as if he always told his own story.

Louane – Chambre 12

Louane is barely 18 years old but she makes a grand entrance on the pop music scene. She represents today’s youth, with all its doubts, its angers, its joys, its desires and its energy, which she relays with her sensitivity and her moving and touching voice. She is a young girl with no pretences, a raw jewel in all its emotions. Dan Black didn’t get it wrong when he was charmed by the young singer. British producer and singer, and leader of the band The Servan, Dan Black directed this album. After the success of the singles Jour1 (i.e. Day 1) and Avenir (i.e. Future), Louane’s first album seems to be headed for a very bright one…

Térez Montcalm – Quand on s'aime

The swing and uncompromising voice of Térez Montcault are revisiting the major tunes of French jazz music. The titles follow each other but the technique never takes the lead over the feels! Québecois singer Térez Montcalm claims “I like broad public jazz. I need everyone to be able to sing along to the tunes, whichever generation they might belong to”. Even with her 8th album “Quand on s’aime” (i.e. “When we love”) she proves in 13 songs that French has never swung that much and she takes us on a musical and cinematic journey that resembles madly what could be a Best-of of French jazz !