NOTRE printemps des poetes

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MARCH 20st - JUNE 20th, 2015

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Barthélémy Bolivar, Lise Gaboury-Diallo, Charles Leblanc, Roger Léveillé, Bertrand Nayet and Laurent Poliquin are the six writers-ambassadors who will guide you throughout this one-season journey in the land of poetry. They will first invite you to meet them to share their favorite works and the strength of their attachment to poetry before encouraging you to compose your own texts during their writing workshops. Then, they will lay down writing challenges on social networks throughout the season, stir, and watch your poetic seeds grow. It will then be time for you to enter the "Poèmaton", our poem booth, where, in front of the camera, you will be able to give life to the poet inside you.



For this third part of Notre Printemps des poètes, we are offering a chance to record poems, of your own or by your favorite authors,  in our Poem booth, specially designed to help you free your inner poet. Follow the booth in its diverse locations:

April 21st to May 2nd
L'Alliance française du Manitoba (934 avenue Corydon)

May 21st
Le Cercle Molière (340 boulevard Provencher)

May 26th to July 7th
La Maison des artistes visuels francophones
(219 boulevard Provencher)

July 9th to September 17th
L'Alliance française du Manitoba (934 avenue Corydon)

From September 17th
The Université of Saint-Boniface (200 avenue De la Cathédrale)

Contribute to this francophone poetry mosaic!

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Nancy R. LangeNancy R Lange has written six poetry books published at Ecrits des Forges, Quebec and Mantis editores, Mexico and two art books resulting from collaboration with visual artists. She was laureate of Les Grands Prix littéraires le Nord and ofthe Prix d’excellence de la Ville de Saint-Jérôme. She also is journalist for Traces magazine and translator.

She was selected for Banff Spoken word residency and has toured Canada, United States and Mexico with her literary performances and participated to readings in Europe. She collaborates often with diverse artists: photographers, painters, sculptors, jewelers, choreographers, singers and musicians, performs her poetry on stage and hosts poetry readings.  Her work has been published in several magazines in Canada, in France, in United States and in Mexico. She also wrote for the radio and read on Radio-Canada’s waves.

(photo by Robert Etcheverry)

Nous sommes / We are et Les Cantiques de l’eau: quand la poésie chante la nature et la vie.

Nancy R. LangeWednesday, May 20th, 6pm
at l'Alliance Française du Manitoba (934 Corydon ave.)

Along with music and projected images, Lange will present excerpts from her two multidisciplinary shows – all bilingually!
The first part contains excerpts from Nous sommes / We are, which was created from parts of the show entitled  Le Chant du Jardinier nomade, presented around North America with a soundtrack by Moe Clark.
The second part is composed of excerpts from Les Cantiques de l’eau, and accompanied by pictures by Françoise Belu and set to music by Gilbert Patenaude.

Les Cantiques de l’eau is an exploration of the value of water, and a poetic meditation on the importance of protecting this treasure, which is one of our greatest riches for us who live in a country of lakes and rivers.  Nous sommes / We are posits the convergence of the three solitudes of the founding peoples of Canada: Anglophone culture, Francophone culture, and Aboriginal culture. She underlines that though it is important to preserve ones culture, language and colour, it behooves us to also work together to make concerted and meaningful efforts to protect Nature.


For the next phase,  Notre Printemps des poètes invites you to take up the pen. One after another, each of our poet-ambassadors will lay down a compositional challenge of their own. It's the perfect opportunity to awaken your inner poet! Each challenge will crown a winner, with many prizes to be won.



For this first part of Notre Printemps des poètes, we are offering a series of poetry workshops hosted by our poets-ambassadors. A unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of poetry and to share with our writers. Join us to perfect your writing skills under the guidance of our poets.


Tuesday, March 31st from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM
Alliance Française du Manitoba (934 Corydon Avenue)


Thursday, April 2nd  from 11:30 AM to 1:30 PM
Université de Saint-Boniface (200 Cathedral Avenue)
Salon Sportex (room 1341)


Lise Gaboury-Diallo

Born in Saint-Boniface, Lise Gaboury-Diallo is a professor of French and French literature at the University of Saint-Boniface. She is the author of a number of critical articles, short stories, and various other texts, including four collections of poetry:Subliminales (1999), transitions (2002), Poste restante : cartes poétiques du Sénégal( 2005) and Homestead, poèmes du cœur de l’Ouest (2005), which won the first prize in the French poetry category of the 2004 CBC Literary Awards.

Roger Léveillé

Born in Winnipeg, J. Roger Léveillé has published 30 works in various genres, produced television documentaries and edited literary issues on Franco-Western art and literature. His work has garnered numerous distinctions, most recently the Manitoba Arts Award of Distinction. In 2008 he was writer in residence at the Université de Rennes, France. An international symposium on his work was hosted by Winnipeg’s three universities in 2005.

Bertrand Nayet

Bertrand Nayet teaches literature and the visual arts at Collège Louis-Riel in St. Boniface. His writings cover numerous genres : short stories, narratives, tales, poems and drama. He directed plays, played for various companies and illustrated a few books.  Bertrand is one of the founding fathers and secretary in perpetuity of Le Collectif post-néo-rieliste. 

Bathélémy Bolivar

Born in Haiti, Bathélemy Bolivar emigrated to the United States in 2000 to study computer sciences while teaching physics. In 2002, he settled in Winnipeg, where he continues to teach. In 2011, his master’s studies in Education and Online Business gave him the opportunity, with the help of friends from both Haïti and elsewhere, to launch Ecole haïtienne sans Frontières (Haitian School Without Borders), the mission of whichis to provide free, high-quality education to Haitian students.

Bathélemy Bolivar has published four books of poetry: Manguiers têtus (which won the Rue-Deschambault Prize in 2006),Re-bondir, mots de terre / voices of the earth, which is bilingual, and Tempo.

Laurent Poliquin

Poet, essayist and professor of French at the University of Manitoba (Canada), Laurent Poliquin has published sixty essays, articles and poems in Germany, Spain, France, Italy and Canada. He is the author of eight books of poetry, the most recent of which, De l’amuïssement des certitudes, was published in France by Jacques André Editeur.

Charles Leblanc

Born in Montreal in 1950, Charles Leblanc came to live in Winnipeg in 1978. After getting a B.A. in Economics and engaging in various occupations in Quebec and Manitoba (CEGEP teacher, barman, theatre actor, cultural events organizer, industrial worker), he is today a professional translator, theatre actor, book columnist, cultural worker and poet. He has published 8 books of poetry for Éditions du Blé, among them l’appétit du compteur (Rue Deschambault Literary Award 2004, finalist for the Carol Shields Winnipeg Book Award 2004), heures d’ouverture (2007), des briques pour un vitrail (selected poems, 2008) and soubresauts (2013).

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