courts de tristesse

Evening of artistic performances

April 30th, 2015 at 7:30 PM

@ La Maison des Artistes
219 boulevard Provencher

in partnership with

“Sit down, please! Today’s lesson is about sadness, which is recyclable matter and an inexhaustible resource. Let’s start with a presentation of short films, in order to refresh your memories. Then, Rhayne Vermette will demonstrate that sadness can be grafted on the reel. Watch out! Even if you turn off the sound, Yvan Lecuyer, Eric Plamondon and Jane Tesser will prove to you that sadness is boundless. By the way, when the bell rings, you still won’t be done, as Damien Ferland will switch to VHS-mixing mode for recess.”

“Courts de tristesse” is an evening of artistic performances based on francophone short films, presented on the occasion of the inauguration of the group exhibition “Sadness is the fifth state of matter”.

les artistes

rhayne vermette

Rhayne Vermette is a Winnipeg artist. She is the successor of the MB Cold Storage Co. The company, through her influence concerns itself mostly with the preservation of film and of photographic content that underlines the "qualities of starving artists" of Winnipeg. While these works stay in Winnipeg, her experimental films have travelled to various places around the world (Chicago Underground Film Festival, Images, European Media Arts Festival, Melbourne International Animation Festival).

Her performance will be based on concepts found in the art of Marcel Duchamps. Staged on a drawing board, this performance/installation explores the personal struggles with desire and notions of a cinematographic approach as architectural drawing. Rhayne intends to use 16mm projections of drawings, by means of overhead, which will be her artistic offering.

rhayne's other projects

visit Rhayne Vermette's Vimeo profile

Black Rectangle - animation, 16mm

Scene Missing - animation, 16mm

Les Châssis de Lourdes - trailer, experimental documentary

damien ferland

A graduate of the University of Winnipeg film program in 2005, Damien Ferland has since directed and produced many short films and videos, which have screened internationally.

Damien will present a VHS mix of images from classic and groundbreaking French films that deal with what he finds seem to share a theme of the danger of extreme ideals, and the loneliness faced by the characters affected.

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