Paul is a series of 7 Québecois graphic novels, created by Michel Rabagliati, featuring a family man. Some stories depict a moment in the past, from Paul’s childhood, adolescence or adulthood.

Paul à la campagne Paul a un
travail d'été
Paul en appartement Paul dans le métro Paul à la pêche Paul à Québec Paul au parc

Paul à la campagne (Paul in the country)

This first book of the series depicts Paul’s vacation in the country at his great aunt’s, where he truly learns for the first time what death is, with the deaths of a bird, and that of his best friend’s father. Parts of his childhood in St-Léonard are woven into the story. Finally, in a short story set at the end of the 60s, he learns of his father’s trade, typography.

Paul a un travail d’été (Paul has a summer job)

A mediocre apprentice typographer, Paul applies for a job as a group leader in a holiday centre run by a friend. New to the field, he will nonetheless find the fun in the job that will provide him with enough memories for a lifetime

Paul en appartement (Paul in an appartment)

This is the story of Paul and his wife Lucie moving into their new apartment. The story of their first encounter in University in 1980 is told in parallel. At the end, the author leaves us on a mysterious note: will Paul and Lucie truly want a child?

Paul dans le métro (Paul in the subway)

Unlike the others of the collection, this is not one continuous story, but rather a series of short tales covering such diverse topics as a trip to town, the arrival of television in the ‘50s, and even the secret to a good stew.

Paul à la pêche (Paul goes fishing)

Paul and Lucie are now settled in Montreal, where life proceeds without hurdles. Once the summer arrives, they decide to take a vacation to a fishing lodge. Unfortunately, it’s not the fish that capture their attention, but rather the long wait for the arrival of their first child.

Paul à Québec

Around 2000, Paul regularly visits his father-in-law in Quebec City, who quickly becomes sick. Cancer slowly eats away at him. In a parallel storyline, Paul and Lucie are looking for a new home to raise their daughter in peace. (The cinema adaptation of Paul à Québec is in the works and is expected to be released in September 2015.)

Paul au parc (Paul in the Park)

The story follows Paul at age 10, registering for scouts in 1970. What follows is quite a tale, with a historical touch, referencing the Front de Libération du Québec.