For the next phase,   Notre Printemps des poètes invites  you to take up the pen. One after another, each of our poet-ambassadors will lay down a compositional challenge of their own. It's the perfect opportunity to awaken your inner poet! Each challenge will crown a winner, with many prizes to be won. Check back here shortly for more information.



Congratulations to our grand winners. In order:

Challenge 1 : Anatol Rennie + Michael Rennie

Challenge 2 : Harman Mavi

Challenge 3 : Michael Rennie

Challenge 4 : Sandrine Vermette

Challenge 5 : Mohamed Bezzahou

Challenge 6 : Lily Sotomayor

Thank you all for getting wet. We now have many freed poets among us. Thank you to our 6 ambassadors for their implication. Bravo!


Write a poem that satisfies the conditions laid out by the poet-ambassador,
Join the group:,
Publish your poem in the comments section of the corresponding challenge.


Send us your poem to the following address:
Poems submitted electronically will be published on the dedicated Facebook page. Please indicate the name under which you wish to appear, or if you wish that your sumission remain anonymous.

Each challenge will crown a winner. The winners are to be announced the following Wednesday.

Good luck!

CHALLENGE 7: Emeric Seguin

All-you-can-write buffet poem
Description: Write a poem using a few or all the previous challenges, in the combination of your choice. Disclose which challenges you used for your poem (e.g. challenges 2+3+6).

CHALLENGE 6: Charles Leblanc

Acrostic Poem
Description: Write a poem in which the first letter of each verse make up a name when read vertically. Use your own first or last name to make a poem of at least four lines.

CHALLENGE 5: Laurent Poliquin

Mozart's poems are yours
Description: Write a poem using all the words which are inspired by listening to Mozart's concerto no 23, as performed by Hélène Grimaud. Watch the video here:

CHALLENGE 4: Bathélemy Bolivar


Description: Choose a previously-published poem, deconstruct it, and reconstruct it, using all its words. You will receive full marks for using all the words, but will be deducted 10% for each word not used in your poem.

CHALLENGE 3: Bertrand Nayet

Your poem is in the picture
Description : Write a poem inspired by the painting "Still Life with Gilt Goblet" by Willem Cleaszoon Heda, in the genre of your choice.

CHALLENGE 2: Roger Léveillé

Description : Take a published poem or an excerpt and re-write it following its orginal order or not. A palimpsest is a text in which we can sense the original erased under a new one.

CHALLENGE 1: Lise Gaboury-Diallo 

Poemathematics12 x 12 x 12
Description : Write a 12-verse poem containing 12 words per verse, and be sure to use the word "twelve".